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We have been consulting on the proposed redevelopment of Vulcan Wharf, Cook’s Road. The site lies in the London Borough of Newham but falls under the planning jurisdiction of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), who will determine the planning application. A previous application for the site (Ref: 18/00330/FUL) was submitted in the summer of 2018 that was then superseded by an amended scheme in May 2019. Following conversations with local stakeholders and residents, we consulted on a new planning application for Vulcan Wharf. Following our consultation, we have now submitted a planning application to the LLDC. The planning application, along with all associated documents, may be viewed on the LLDC’s planning portal under the application reference 20/00307/FUL.

Yes. In fact, engaging the community in a safe and meaningful way during this time is encouraged. We checked in with industry professionals, government advisors, planning officers, politicians, and members of the local community. For more information, please visit the 'At a Distance Engagement' section .

The aim of this website has been to collect feedback on a planning application which is admissible in both a Statement of Community Involvement and at a Planning Committee. We advertised the consultation locally and have only submitted feedback from those who stated their interest and left a valid local address. For more information, please visit the 'At a Distance Engagement' section.

As well as contacting local stakeholders directly, we sent a flyer advertising the consultation website to 4,092 local addresses. Due to the site’s location along the boundary with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, we have also distributed newsletters to neighbours in close proximity and will take forward their feedback. We are acutely aware that not everyone has the means to access the website. Newsletter recipients could speak to the project team via telephone and/or participate in the consultation through postal feedback. In addition, we have taken several steps to make sure the consultation complies with the latest Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations for websites. This means that, for example, users who are experience difficulties in terms of learning, sight or language can fully participate. For more information, please visit the 'At a Distance Engagement' section or consult the Statement of Community Involvement.

We have submitted feedback from local residents – anonymously – as part of the application’s Statement of Community Involvement. Feedback will then be considered by the LLDC. The application will be decided by the LLDC Planning Committee; we hope that this will take place later this year. For more information, please visit the 'At a Distance Engagement' section.

London Square and Peabody are proposing a new application for Vulcan Wharf that responds to extensive previous consultation with local stakeholders. With a revised design and offer, Vulcan Wharf will deliver on the aspirations of local residents and the LLDC. The new proposals for Vulcan Wharf will provide: - 484 new homes, including 35% affordable housing - 9,378 sqm of commercial space, including 3,557 sqm of light industrial floorspace - New cafes / restaurants / bars facing out onto the new public realm and River Lea - New accessibility throughout the site for pedestrians & cyclists linking the western banks of the River Lea to the Olympic Park - Public realm improvements, including ‘Heylyn Gardens’ a new focal point and destination in Pudding Mill For more information, please visit the 'Have Your Say' section or consult the Design and Access Statement.

The previous application for Vulcan Wharf proposed a variety of building heights, including a 33-storey tower. After listening to the feedback of local residents, we are now proposing four buildings of 11 storeys and a fifth at 13 storeys to act as an architectural marker at the northern boundary – with all five linked by a raised garden. In addition, a standalone 14-storey building will neighbour the Bow Back River and existing Capital Towers. For more information, please visit the 'Have Your Say' section or consult the Design and Access Statement.

We have taken a series of steps to ensure that the scheme is sustainable and contribute to London’s net-zero carbon emissions target. We are proposing significant measures in order to be lean, be clean, and be green, by reducing the impact of both construction and operation and minimising energy demand: - Energy demand will be reduced by incorporating a number of passive measures to ensure comfort and efficiency. - Clean energy will be provided to the development from the off-site Olympic Park District Heating Network. - An extensive PV Array will be installed on the available appropriate roof space across the scheme. - A Whole Life Carbon Assessment and Circular Economy Statement are being undertaken to look at reducing materials and embodied carbon associated with the development over its life cycle. For more information, please visit the 'Have Your Say' section.

These revised proposals for Vulcan Wharf have reduced the number of homes by 145, to 495 in total. We have done this without compromising our affordable housing offer, which is still 35% by habitable room, in line with planning policy. In fact, we have improved our offer, which includes the following: - More family-sized affordable homes. - All of the homes will be tenure blind. - Generous amenity is provided to each home in addition to public realm and play space. - There are no single aspect north-facing homes. - All homes and industry designed with the co-location of industry in mind. - 69% of the entire development will be two-bedroom homes or larger. For more information, please visit the 'Have Your Say' section or consult the Design and Access Statement.

In line with feedback, we have sought to increase the amount of commercial space in the development from 6,107 sqm (GEA) in the previous proposals to 9,333 sqm (GEA) today. A range of new, modern, and sustainable commercial spaces are provided in the development, which have been designed to promote the co-location of industry and homes. These are spread across five units of B1 (makers space) and B8 (storage and distribution) uses. The plans will increase and diversify the number of jobs available on-site once the scheme is operational, compared to the existing site and previous Vulcan Wharf schemes. These employment spaces will be placed on the lower levels of the scheme, accessed via the active industrial frontage along Cook’s Road. For more information, please visit the 'Have Your Say' section or consult the Design and Access Statement.

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